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The Duster Mac
Olive | Stone

  • Hand cut and stitched in the UK, the Duster Mac is a waterproof coat based on our classic Original Duster.

    When we started the design for this, we wanted a coat that was waterproof without the need for sprays or waxes that need to be continually applied. Constructed from 100% waterproof bonded cotton, the fabric repels all water resulting in a coat that is more than just shower proof and more than just water resistant. It can withstand even the heaviest of downpours.

    Featuring the iconic hood, adjustable cuffs and neck toggle of the Original Duster, the Duster Mac retains the elegant A-line for a flattering drape and fall. As practical as it is stylish the Duster Mac is the perfect coat for staying dry in style...
    • Handcut and Handmade in the UK.
    • 100% Cotton
    • Dry clean only.
  • Standard UK Delivery - £5.00

    Express UK Delivery - £9.00

    Please allow 3 - 5 working days for Standard UK Delivery. Express UK Delivery will arrive within 2 working days.

    Orders placed on a Friday, during the weekend or on a Bank Holiday will be processed the following working day.


How Waterproof is the Duster Mac?

Constructed from two layers of cotton bonded together with a waterproof central layer, the fabric itself is 100% waterproof without the need for any maintenance. Many waterproof coats would then employ a seam tape to waterproof the seams. The problem with this is that a waterproofed seam cannot be ironed and can cause problems in the future if it fails or comes away from the fabric.

The Duster Mac has been stitched in such a way so as to keep virtually every drop of water out without the need for seam tape thus allowing it to be ironed and maintained with ease. Whilst technically on paper it would be considered to be "water resistant", during it's development, the Duster Mac was tested in the heaviest downpours for hours and did not let a drop through.

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