The Douglas Bears

  • Due to popular demand, The Douglas Bears have become a mainstay at our store. Fully housetrained and fully sedated, please do not be fooled by the gender specific outfits in our photos. All of these bears are infact, asexual.
    Whilst it is true that they make great leaner chairs for children, in our experience, we find that they are just as popular among adults for offices, hallways or anywhere else you may have room for a giant stuffed bear.
    Definitely suitable for adults.
  • Due to their large and rather "well fed" physiques, The Douglas Bears can only be shipped via special courier. As such we ask for a £25 contribution towards delivery which will take place within 3 to 5 days. All bears are delivered fully stuffed and in protective boxes. Unfortunately, we can only post The Douglas Bears within the UK.

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