The Herringbone Scarf

  • When we designed this scarf we wanted a piece that was both warm and elegantly stylish. We wanted something that could be worn in a variety of ways, long enough to drape with style over a coat but also able to wrap tightly for warmth. The result was The Douglas Herringbone Scarf.
    Made for us in Scotland from beautiful 100% extra-fine Merino Wool in a wide soft grey herringbone design, this scarf is a classic piece of style that is also incredibly soft and warm. See below for more details...
    • 100% Extrafine Merino Wool
    • Made in Scotland, UK.
    • Dimensions - 180 | 50cm.
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Category: Scarves

The Herringbone Scarf

The problem with so many winter scarves these days is that they are simply too short. When wrapped tightly around the neck you are left with two short ends sticking out at odd angles and when draped loosely the scarf has no weight to make it drape properly. With The Herringbone Scarf, we wanted to design a classic piece that was both stylish and practical. Firstly, we added length and width, allowing the scarf to be thrown over a coat and left unwrapped to hang with an elegant swish. When worn wrapped around the neck, the extra length provides weight, allowing the two ends to hang down against the body with style.

Of course, simply adding length and width is not enough. You need a density to the scarf that gives it weight and drape without making it bulky. To get that weight and drape from a standard wool weave, the scarf would need to be incredibly thick thus loosing it's elegance. For this reason we designed a tightly woven Extra-fine Merino Wool. This gives the scarf a beautiful weight and drape without being bulky. Being one of the finest wool strands available, it also means that the scarf is incredibly soft, warm and durable. This scarf is one of those pieces that you really need to see and touch to get an idea of just how beautiful it is.

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